Clean, Responsive, Strategic Design

  • Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Website Design and Development on Squarespace

  • Up To Four Designed Pages — (Coming soon landing page, Homepage, Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy)

  • Strategic placement and organization of website content

  • Integration of Branded Color Scheme

  • Integration of Branded Typography

  • Stock Photography Curation

Done-For-You Technical Help

  • Photography file size optimization for fast site loading (helps with SEO)

  • Domain Setup, including SSL protection

  • Multi-device testing to ensure responsiveness on all platforms
    Functionality — Website functionality will consist of a contact form which redirects to Client’s chosen email
    One Hour Training Session — how to maintain and update your website yourself!

* Our invocies do not include Squarespace’s hosting fees, fees to purchase domain, branded email hosting fees, stock photography licenses, etc. *


Your Visual Identity

  • Your dream logo *explained below*

  • Moodboard Collaboration

  • Brand Guidelines PDF

  • Brand Typography Selection

  • Brand Color Scheme Selection

  • Matching Business Cards for you and your team

About That Logo

  • Typography-Based (symbols and illustrations are add-ons that can be selected in the optional add-on section)

  • 4 variations (horizontal, vertical, black, white) so you can use it in different applications

  • Files with transparent backgrounds so you can put it on anything

  • Vector Art so it will always look crisp and clean—even on a billboard

Our Process

  1. We collaborate on a Pinterest moodboard to get a sense of your brand's vibe

  2. We consider your target audience's psychological and sociological profiles and design 9 different black and white logo directions for you to choose from to develop further

  3. We add color to your favorite logo direction, create the color palette, and develop mood options for you to choose from

  4. We design all of the variations you could possibly need in your marketing efforts

  5. Once we finalize the logo, color, and mood we select typography that compliments your brand and tie it all together in a guideline pdf that you can give to anyone who works with your brand so they never have to guess your colors, fonts, how to use your logo, or what kind of imagery looks nice with your brand


Cohesive, on-brand images

  • Do you want all of your images to look cohesive and on-brand? 

  • Stylized color grading makes your website, Instagram feed, Pinterest, etc look like all of the images belong together—even if the photos are stock or taken by different photographers. 

  • This is not just applying a generic filter or preset, it is manipulating the colors hidden in the shadows and showcased in the highlights and emphasizing branded hues over clashing colors using color theory and psychology.